Susquehanna River Heartland Coalition for Invironmental Studies

Research Partners

Bloomsburg University

Dr. Christopher Hallen

Dr. Hallen is working with Dr. Steve Rier and Dr. Cynthia Venn on several water quality assessment projects on the Susquehanna River and Hunter’s Lake (Sullivan County, PA).

Dr. Steven Rier
Research Interests: Stream ecology but mainly focus on the role that microorganisms such as algae, bacteria, and fungi play in regulating stream ecosystem function and how human impacts can alter these dynamics. My lab is currently investigating how impacts such as acid mine drainage from abandoned coal mines alters stream ecosystem functions such as the decomposition of organic matter and uptake and mineralization of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Dr. Cynthia Venn
Dr. Venn is working with Dr. Steve Rier and Dr. Chris Hallen on several water quality assessment projects on the Susquehanna River and Hunter’s Lake (Sullivan County, PA)


Bucknell University

Ben Hayes
Research Interests: Fluvial geomorphology and watershed hydrology; stream restoration; sediment transport and flow hydraulics; formation of island sand channel bed forms in the Susquehanna River; river-aquifer interactions and hyporheic exchange; hydrogeology of wetlands along the Susquehanna River; real-time monitoring of flow and water quality in the river; influence of river morphology and flow hydraulics on aquatic habitat; numerical and physical modeling of fluvial processes.

Dr. Carl Kirby
Research Interests: Aqueous geochemistry as applied to prevention and remediation of waste disposal problems. Acid mine drainage studies focused on chemistry in both active and passive treatment. The experimental and theoretical aspects of alkalinity, acidity and net alkalinity in acid mine drainage treatment systems. Carbon dioxide degassing rates in the pursuit of a more predictive model for iron oxidation in semi-passive mine drainage treatment. Kirby is also the Director of Bucknell’s Marcellus Shale Initiative this effort supports objective research, provides a primarily print-based publications database, and critically evaluates information related to the Marcellus Shale natural gas play.

Dr. Matt McTammany
Research Interests: Stream ecosystem structure and function in response to landscape and watershed properties; Passive recovery, active restoration, and preservation of stream ecosystems; Land use trends of the eastern United States; Physicochemistry, macroinvertebrates, organic matter dynamics, and stream metabolism.


Kings College

Dr. Brian Mangan
Research Interests: Rivers, fish and insect habitat use, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Environment-Industry Relations, and Exotic Species (introduction and control).


Lock Haven Univesity 

Dr. Md. Khalequzzaman
Research Interests: Coastal oceanography, hydrogeology, aqueous environmental geochemistry, and GIS.


Lycoming College 

Dr. Peter Petokas
Research Interests: Natural Stream Channel Design; zoological interests include research on the giant hellbender salamander, an inhabitant of streams and rivers in Pennsylvania, behavior, population dynamics, reproduction, growth, food habits, and genetic diversity).

Dr. Mel Zimmerman
Research Interests: stream ecology and restoration, wetland ecology and wastewater biology.


Susquehanna University 

Dr. Jack Holt
Research Interests: Systematic biology, limnology and phycology, ecology and biology of freshwater algae.

Dr. Carlos Iudica
Research Interests: Ecology, vertebrate animal ecology.

Dr. Ahmed Lachhab
Research Interests: Three-dimensional particle tracking velocimetry in homogeneous and heterogeneous porous material, groundwater and solute transport modeling, and bioremediation.

Dr. Jonathon Niles
Research Interests: The biology and ecology of freshwater fish, in particular native coldwater species like the brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis). Research projects involve assessing habitat enhancement, watershed protection, feeding ecology, and the life history of this coldwater species.