Susquehanna River Heartland Coalition for Invironmental Studies


Many of the reports and write-ups related to SRHCES members can be found on their individual websites (visit the Researchers/Partners Page for those links). Below are some of the documents produced by the SRHCES, materials from symposiums organized by the SRHCES, and copies of the interns’ research posters (grouped by researchers);

SRHCES Document Library

Guide to Common Macroinvertebrates - The West Branch Susquehanna River & Tributaries (1st edition) 1.84 MB
Pennsylvania Act 13: Conservation and Recreation Funding (November 2012) 1.04 MB
Biol. Response of Two Northcentral PA Streams After Sep. 2011 FloodResearch Poster - Lycoming College384.79 KB
Clean Water Institute Farm ProjectResearch Poster - Lycoming College485.18 KB
Crayfish Distribution 2012Research Poster - Lycoming College676.34 KB
Farm Project Year 2Research Poster - Lycoming College504.63 KB
Lycoming College Unassessed Waters 2012Research Poster - Lycoming College748.67 KB
Macroinvertebrate Monitoring of the Lower West and North Branches of the Susquehanna RiverResearch Poster - Lycoming College383.22 KB
Mercury Contamination of Crayfish in the Susquehanna RiverResearch Poster - Lycoming College714.08 KB
Microhabitat Selection of Trout in Two Pennsylvania StreamsResearch Poster - Lycoming College504.24 KB
Stream Habitat Restoration ProjectsResearch Poster - Lycoming College580.97 KB
Unassessed Waters PosterResearch Poster - Lycoming College706.62 KB
Water Quality Assessment 2012Research Poster - Lycoming College540.87 KB
2010 Water Quality AssessmentResearch Poster - Bloomsburg University1.45 MB
2010 Water Quality in the SusquehannaResearch Poster - Bloomsburg University1.10 MB
Analysis of Selected Metals in Groundwater and Soil at Byer's IslandResearch Poster - Bloomsburg University2.06 MB
Comparison of Two Artificial Cover Object Grid Densities for Sampling Terrestrial SalamandersResearch Poster - King's College115.19 KB
Mercury Contamination of Crayfish in the Susquehanna RiverResearch Poster - King's College274.88 KB
Mercury in a Common Riparian Forest SalamanderResearch Poster - King's College629.31 KB
Mercury in Gradient in SpidersResearch Poster - King's College468.11 KB
Mercury in HellgrammitesResearch Poster - King's College488.40 KB
Mercury in the Forest Spider Micrathena gracilisResearch Poster - King's College384.07 KB
Phoretic Midges on Hellgrammites (Corydalis cornutus: Megaloptera) from the Susquehanna RiverResearch Poster - King's College457.38 KB
Community Based Water Quality Monitoring (2012)Research Poster - Lock Haven University9.44 MB
Community-based Water-Quality Monitoring in the Marcellus Shale Gas-Drilling AreasResearch Poster - Lock Haven University14.30 MB
Geochemical Assessment of South Renovo Borough Water SystemResearch Poster - Lock Haven University9.65 MB
Middle Branch of Big Run AMDResearch Poster - Lock Haven University4.04 MB
Water-Quality Monitoring in the Marcellus Shale Gas-Drilling AreaResearch Poster - Lock Haven University14.95 MB
2011 - Bioassessment of Benthic Macroinvertebrates of Upper Penns CreekResearch Poster - Susquehanna University3.19 MB
2011 - Trout Pop. in Unassessed Waters of Loyalsock and Muncy CreekResearch Poster - Susquehanna University618.54 KB
A Temporal Comparison of Diets on Long-eared OwlsResearch Poster - Susquehanna University368.25 KB
Benthic Macro Diversity at Byer's IslandResearch Poster - Susquehanna University629.97 KB
Bioaccumulation of Methylmercury in Neovison visonResearch Poster - Susquehanna University679.91 KB
Diet Analysis of the Great Horned OwlResearch Poster - Susquehanna University1.78 MB
Distributional Ranges of Gnathostoma sppResearch Poster - Susquehanna University1.74 MB
Guard Hairs of Pennsylvania's MammalsResearch Poster - Susquehanna University1.51 MB
Impacts of Post Flood Instream Debris Cleaning on Fish Population and BiomassResearch Poster - Susquehanna University498.29 KB
Phytoplankton and PeriphytonResearch Poster - Susquehanna University565.53 KB
Short Term Response of Benthic Macroinvertebrates to Flooding from Tropical Storm LeeResearch Poster - Susquehanna University816.76 KB
Temperature Effects on the Emergence Time of Little Brown BatsResearch Poster - Susquehanna University1.11 MB
Winter Diet of the American Mink in Northeastern and Central PennsylvaniaResearch Poster - Susquehanna University1.62 MB
2007 Pulse of the HeartlandSRHCES Report3.19 MB
2008 Pulse of the HeartlandSRHCES Report1.40 MB
2009 Pulse of the HeartlandSRHCES Report733.98 KB
2010 Pulse of the HeartlandSRHCES Report1.40 MB
2011 Pulse of the HeartlandSRHCES Report2.39 MB
2012 Pulse of the HeartlandSRHCES Report2.58 MB
2013 Pulse of the Heartland ReportSRHCES Report900.07 KB